Fourth Draft

Draft 4 from Jessica Garton on Vimeo.

I have decided to change the font to make it more clear however have kept the typewriter style effect. I also changed the name to Dear Mom as I felt it would make the audience aware that he has a family. I used the word ‘Mom’ instead of ‘Mum’ as I would hope to be supported by an American production company and therefore that would make the native audience relate more.


Evaluation Question 7

Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product?

Evaluation Question 7 from Jessica Garton on Vimeo.

From looking back at my Preliminary task I think it is clear that I have learnt a lot more about camera, editing, using a Tripod, and being successful in embedding seemingly natural sound.

Even using Premiere Pro has become much less of a challenge than at the time of the Preliminary Task and it is evident by the footage shown on my blog that I was experimenting and getting to grips with production. I feel much more confident with the programme now when it comes to editing all my clips together and expanding my skills to cover more areas of Premiere such as effects and filters for my final film.

screen-shot-2017-01-07-at-22-19-41– A screenshot from my blog of the Editing Analysis Clip, a task shortly after the Preliminary Task where I was more confident with Premiere and its features.

In my Preliminary task I thought you had to show every single detailed shot when in reality there is no need. In my actual film opening I edited one particular moment as being effectively disjointed and I think that be trying out a simple, very structured film for my Preliminary it made me realise that, in reality, many films are not like that.

Screen Shot 2017-05-07 at 18.17.33

Another task I completed afterward was the Mundane Task where you have to film something boring and make it interesting through use of music, editing and camera angles. I did washing a mug and used Premiere to produce the short film and then uploaded it to Vimeo in order to be embedded into my blog. This was good practice for my final film as I got to grips with successfully embedding clips.

Screen Shot 2017-05-07 at 20.23.19.pngAlthough my Preliminary task has no titles it is important to note my positive progression in using After Effects and that due to tasks such as the After Affects Movie Title Tasks I am much more comfortable with using different fonts and deciding where to place them in the film.

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All these tasks allowed me to practice in the way I would be for my final film and allowed me to experiment with different fonts, transition effects, create my ident – all in which are contributing factors to my final piece.

Evaluation Question 6

Screen Shot 2017-05-07 at 19.41.53.png

After watching lots of Thriller movies and having decided that I wanted to include a running section, I was introduced to the GoPro Gimble and GoPro.

Although, evident in my first draft, filming the entirety of my opening on Gopro was ineffective and lost it’s intimacy, thus I decided to us my Canon 1300d and classic Tripod to enhance the atmospheric moments I was hoping to capture.I decided to use a GoPro because of its wide lens and easy attachable Gimble. I learnt that by using an app called GoPro studio you
can take out the fish eye effect however still have the
effective camera footage and easy filming with
the regular GoPro. At first it does take some getting used to but i have to admit  it made such a difference when i had to film the running shots. The shots come across really effectively in my opening as by using the stabilizer it steadied my shots and made them look more professional. If i hadn’t been able to use the go pro stabilizer i wouldn’t have been able to run behind my actor and create such a good effect.

The canon 1300d played a huge part in the camera work for my film
opening. in order to learn how to use it properly i carried out the aperture task, gender roles in film, preliminary task, genre film task continuity task all in which are
on my blog. all of these exercises helped me to learn how to use the
technology i would need to produce my film. I came to realize that using a tripod when filming was very important as it would stabilize the canon 1300d and make sure the footage wasn’t shaky.

I learnt how to use a tripod through practicing with multiple tasks displayed on my blog such as ‘gender roles in film’ where even though I was acting I helped set up the camera and tripod to ensure i would be able to do it on my own when the time came. Finally, adobe premiere and adobe after effects have acted as the computer programming foundation for my film opening.

Premiere: Premiere allowed me to edit all my shots
together while adding sound, music, all kinds of
effects and filters even if it was hard, at first, to
get to grips with.

After Effects: After Effects allowed me to add all my titles
and use my ‘typewriter’ effect. i also created my ident
on after effects where i followed a specific tutorial
from video co pilot.

Two other websites that should not go un-noticed are Vimeo and WordPress. Vimeo is where i uploaded all my videos so that i could easily embed them into my blog. WordPress is a blog where I stored all my coursework. It is easily accessible and reliable for keeping all my work safe.

Evaluation Question 5

How did you attract/address your audience?


Screen Shot 2017-05-07 at 14.33.26

Taken from my blog: Target Audience Survey


To evaluate whether or not I was successful in attracting and addressing my target audience I should look at the contributing factors of my research. I held a Target Audience Survey where individuals would answer questions about my chosen film genre. I then condensed the results and presented them in ‘Prezi’ form and filmed an interview of myself asking a participant the questions listed on my SurveyMonkey Survey. Next, I analyzed the results and found that 75% of people that took my survey expected to see a boy as the main role in a Thriller and that Crime, Physiological and themes that build tension are also popular when it comes to plot.

Therefore, due to this I chose a boy as my main character and had him evidently running away from something, which should build tension and leave the audience asking questions. These popular features can be seen in Jason Bourne, Mission Impossible, Girl On The Train, Inception and many more and this shows that the target audience for my film would probably end up being very similar.

Screen Shot 2017-05-07 at 14.32.22

Taken from my blog: Target Audience Interview

However it was obvious from my Target Audience Interview that Ella expected ‘…death and mystery’, in a Thriller. Although I could not provide any death in my opening, perhaps the videos of my main character when he was younger would spark some interest as to their relevance and why they are being shown. Of course the special effects makeup used to show my main character as a victim of abuse could also create a feeling of mystery.

Screen Shot 2017-05-07 at 14.33.45

Taken from my blog: Target Audience Prezi

When asked what their favourite Thriller was, James Bond was particularly popular which meant that an action packed film with intriguing concepts was one the associated with the genre. I took this into consideration and came to the idea that we would be following the journey of my main character and I would take a vast majority of the shots of him running to create tension and build suspense.

Screen Shot 2017-05-07 at 14.38.41

Taken from my blog: Survey Advertising, I posted it on Twitter and Facebook to get the most accurate results I could.

Overall I think that due to the features mentioned above as well as the unstated I have attracted and addressed the audience through ways supported by research and evidence and that putting my results in a Prezi allowed me to visualise what I had found out and work towards creating an effective film opening relevent to my chosen genre.

Evaluation Question 4

IMG_3846 4

Name: Emily Garton

Age: 16

Hobbies: Singing, Dancing, Acting and Horse-riding, Reading and Watching TV

Favourite Movie Genre: Thriller’s and Physiological Thrillers

Favourite Movies Include: Jason Bourne, Inception, Taken and The Road

I interviewed Emily to find out what she thinks about my chosen film genre and how this could impact the audience for my media product.


Question One: What do you like most about Physiological Thrillers?

‘When watching a Physiological Thriller you are constantly made to think and it often makes me continue watching as I really want to find out more.’

Question 2: What would your ultimate Physiological Thriller feature and how does it make you feel if the feature is successful?

‘I think a successful thriller is one that will completely surprise you and make you feel like you were so stupid for not seeing the signs before. For example when I watched The Girl On The Train, one of my new favorites – when you get to the end you are so surprised and it’s actually quite emotional. So in answer to your question, I think leaving the viewer with their eyes and mouth wide open after a revelation means that you were successful.’

Question 3: What is your favourite plot for a Physiological Thriller?

‘Well, if I have to narrow it down… it would have to be Gone Girl. It’s just a sublime, beautifully terrible film. How they can show this portrayal of a happy marriage to the public and then Amy (the wife) suddenly goes missing and her seemingly husband, Nick becomes the prime suspect. It’s incredibly well thought out and constantly has the audience on edge.’

Question 4: What do you think is important for a good physiological thriller not to do?

‘I think it’s important not to give too much away, to make the audience make their own assumptions and develop their own pre-conception about what is going to happen.’

Question 5: How important to you think an opening of a Philological Thriller is in comparison to the entire film?

‘To be honest, the opening is the 2 or 3 minutes that the viewer is going to watch and decide if it’s for them or not. Sometimes I’ll start watching a film and come to realize it really isn’t for me, and that’s totally to do with the opening. It needs to be enticing with a pleasing aesthetic.’

Emily is a typical example of an individual audience member I am trying to target.

Evaluation Question 3

Screen Shot 2017-05-06 at 10.49.50

During the research I did at the beginning of the planning process, I looked at popular film industries and their chosen ident they had at the beginning of the films they produced, such as Paramount, Universal, Lionsgate, Columbia and many more. I found out that there are different roles of a film company, in terms of production and distribution.

It is important to note that a production company is in charge of scheduling, post-production, budgeting, scripting, distribution and marketing of the work.

When it came to creating my ident I wanted something that would embody the genre of my film straight away and form an atmosphere for the following film. When I look back at my ident, it was simple however I think the textures created when forming of the word, ‘JProductions’, came across as quite complex and effective.

Due to many contributing factors such as budgeting and overall success of the company I would use Paramount to produce my film.

The company Paramount has produced award winning films such as the Fences, Titanic, Forest Gump and Interstellar which not only appeals to a similar target audience as my film but also the sensitive marketing and worldwide, successful representation would aid my film into hopefully becoming a popular, efficacious and thoughtful film. Another option of a lower budget would be to document my film at film festivals my film and advertise as an independent film as my film would be by a fairly unknown director so may find it hard to get noticed by major companies.

An aim would be to cause a fair amount of income at the box office or Netflix to try and get the film out and about and get my director noticed incase there were to be any sequels. However, if I chose to make my film independent, I would use a website for funding such as Kick-starter to provide subsidy costs of the film.


Evaluation Question 1

My film is a thriller. I researched my theme by looking at many different thrillers such as Jason Bourne, James Bond, Split, The Departed, Mission Impossible and Into the Forest, to name a few. And after holding a genre survey I took into consideration people’s expectations vs what they thought would be unusual. I chose my location after watching ‘Into the Forest’ a movie based in a forest and there are lots of sublime nature shots that I thought worked really well in the film. I chose Val de la Mare reservoir. I decided to use a similar character to the one in ‘Bourne Identity’, which follows the journey of a teenage boy who is trying to discover his true identity, his name is Jason Bourne. Therefore I chose a tall dark haired teenage boy, with similar attributes to Jason Bourne, himself, as I am aware of the success of the character and film in the industry. Moving on to props, again this was inspired through the film Bourne Identity and I really liked how he bag can be carried, opened and contain so many different items, the possibilities meant there were many possibilities of what I could film my actor doing. For example I ended up filming him drinking water, putting on a hat, unzipping, re-zipping and running with his possessions. I think this worked really well although re zipping could sometimes prove to be a challenge for my actor when put under pressure.

Costume took quite a lot of thought, as it is important to get it right but not distract from the performance and aim of the opening. I took inspiration from the departed as well as… you guessed it, Bourne Identity. I ended up choosing a dark colour scheme, an oversized black jumper with minimal decoration, black Nike jogging bottoms, tan coloured timberlands and a large navy bomber jacket. This combined the two main characters of The Departed and Bourne together with a hint of present day teenager. Onto Editing, as you can see in this clip, these quick cuts were something I was keen to recreate in my opening as I thought they were effective and put the point across accurately, as well as building tension, in my opening I did this to show different perspectives and exemplify the desperation and thirst of my character. I also liked the cold filter and scheme that has been put onto the clip so I decided to give off the similar effect in my own opening. When it came to fonts I wanted something sophisticated and far from tacky, so I researched many title sequences and even closely analyzed Gone Girl. I also wanted to re create the popular typewriter title sequence technique as shown in Mission Impossible. This is an example of how I tried to recreate the technique in my opening. Next time I would want to use a clearer typewriter style font to make it clearer to see in front of the footage. Finally, my ident was inspired by many other thriller styled idents that I have watched, I used a website called video co pilot to guide me through a tutorial and create my desired effect. This can be compared to all in which are idents to a thriller and manage to maintain an atmosphere that foreshadows the following film. If I had more time I would like to develop my ident to add more depth to it and adjust the colours to make it more impressive however I am really happy with how it turned out.

Second Draft

Due to feedback from my teachers I decided to add and change a few aspects of my opening and I also decided to name my opening ‘Why I Ran.’ As I imagine the entire film would be about my main character telling his story to his mother and siblings.

Here is my Second Draft:

I found a movie similar to my opening which gave me editing ideas and themed inspiration. The nature shot’s of being in a forest and the cold filter used is quite similar to my opening.